It's Who I Am

Whether as an author/illustrator at the age of five writing about a dashingly heroic cat and his cat damsel in distress or a good-natured, young raconteur describing the adventurous lives of unsuspecting patrons seated near me in restaurants, I've always made up stories. It only took me forty years to realize it is what I do best. So, welcome to Andoree, the country and creation of my imagination. Sit down and I'll spin you a tale or two.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Platform

As I understand it a "Platform" is the number of readers who would buy your books. I am a newbie, so I may be wrong about that, but I'm trying to learn. I know there are writers' conferences out there that I should attend to teach me more. I just need to convince my sweet hubs to let me pay the money to go. He's a real ROI kind of guy, and I don't blame him. Trying to become a published writer seems like trying to be drafted into the NFL. It's a one in a million chance.

Don't get me wrong. I'm serious about what I've written. I love and care about my novel and I believe in my characters. I really would like to catch the eye of an agent and be published one day.

For now my platform is three sweet people who share this life with me (and one day I'll have a fourth -- when she can read). I care most what they think. If they love it, I'll press on into less certain waters.


  1. Hey Laura! Saw Jim's post about your book! Very excited for you! Now I can say there is an author on the Hurlburt side of my family!! :) Just wanted to let you know that I am a bit of a reading addict and through my addiction to books/reading have become friends with several different authors through facebook and blogs. I know that there are a couple of groups on facebook for independent authors as well as some newer publishing companies who seem to be geared towards picking up independent authors! I hope to someday be able to read your book, so you can add me to your platform!! :)

  2. Joella! Thank you so much! I really would love to be published and represent! All Hurlburts in the family get a free copy! :)

    I'd be curious what the groups are on Facebook. Will have to do some research, I guess. (I did create a Facebook page for myself. Will have to post it, but it is simply Laura Hurlburt. Come "like" me!!! Please!!!)

    1. Here are a couple of groups you might check out on FB:

      United Indie Authors and Artists
      Indie Authors Unite
      Independent Author Network

      A couple of my friends who are independent authors and have facebook pages: Nely Cab and A.Jacob Sweeny

      Another friend who was independent but recently signed with Crushing Hearts & Butterflies publishing company is Madison Daniel. Crushing Hearts & Butterflies also has a page & they seek out indie authors!

      I went and liked your FB page!! Very excited for you!

  3. Hey, Laura! You should come to the Glen Workshop (Christian artists & writers workshop) in South Hadley, MA, in June! There's a fiction workshop as part of it ( I'm going to be there with a Regent/Vancouver friend of mine, Jo White. We're signed up for the Assemblage class. There's also a Glen Workshop West in Santa Fe in Aug, but the fiction workshop there (with Brett Lott) is already full.

  4. Rosie! Cool!! Will have to talk with Jim and see what I can do. That would be a blast, and I've never been to MA!