It's Who I Am

Whether as an author/illustrator at the age of five writing about a dashingly heroic cat and his cat damsel in distress or a good-natured, young raconteur describing the adventurous lives of unsuspecting patrons seated near me in restaurants, I've always made up stories. It only took me forty years to realize it is what I do best. So, welcome to Andoree, the country and creation of my imagination. Sit down and I'll spin you a tale or two.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Moving

Okay. I sat down this morning and did it. I have created another blog on Wordpress because it's supposedly better. Heaven help me learn how to navigate this new world. But I guess if this is the way to go, I'll do it. (Rosie, I may call on you in desperate moments!)

My new blogging address:

Come visit soon.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Been A While

You know, life happens and things like blogging get put on hold. Every extra moment I have is given to reviewing my story before I hand it out to my "beta group." Not to mention being mom-teacher means an attempt to end the school year with sons-students who are as ready to for it to end as I. To top it all off, we've had a bit of a virus running through the household; so everything lately has been shot to bits.

Then, I found out through another blog I follow (a very smart literary agent's blog) that blogger might not be the best platform for blogging (something about SEO issues). I guess that got me a little down and I have started messing with another platform. Do I switch? Do I have time to figure out another blogging site? I guess I'll have to. Grrr.

I promise I'm not shirking my responsibilities to blog...I'm just a bit overwhelmed is all. I'll be back with something witty to say or something fascinating I've learned and less stream-of-consciousness than this post. In the meantime, my apologies.