It's Who I Am

Whether as an author/illustrator at the age of five writing about a dashingly heroic cat and his cat damsel in distress or a good-natured, young raconteur describing the adventurous lives of unsuspecting patrons seated near me in restaurants, I've always made up stories. It only took me forty years to realize it is what I do best. So, welcome to Andoree, the country and creation of my imagination. Sit down and I'll spin you a tale or two.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Been A While

You know, life happens and things like blogging get put on hold. Every extra moment I have is given to reviewing my story before I hand it out to my "beta group." Not to mention being mom-teacher means an attempt to end the school year with sons-students who are as ready to for it to end as I. To top it all off, we've had a bit of a virus running through the household; so everything lately has been shot to bits.

Then, I found out through another blog I follow (a very smart literary agent's blog) that blogger might not be the best platform for blogging (something about SEO issues). I guess that got me a little down and I have started messing with another platform. Do I switch? Do I have time to figure out another blogging site? I guess I'll have to. Grrr.

I promise I'm not shirking my responsibilities to blog...I'm just a bit overwhelmed is all. I'll be back with something witty to say or something fascinating I've learned and less stream-of-consciousness than this post. In the meantime, my apologies.


  1. If you do switch to WordPress or wherever, leave us a forwarding address!

  2. I can completely relate. Trying to find time to blog/tweet and even sometimes just good material can be taxing on an already busy schedule (spouse, kids, work... and godforbid we make time to write in the mix!)

    You may want to consider offering people to guest-blog on your site or hitting the social media community for ideas. The best idea is to try and find two nights a week where you can set aside 30 minutes to let your mind go crazy... they should be the same night to establish routine.

    You know the time... kids are in bed, husband is engrossed in tv or something else... when you'd love nothing more than to find a comfortable position and 'shut off'. Hold off on that relaxation time - trust me.. it'll be even more satisfying with one more item crossed off your list.

    You can find a lot of really good info on it at former agent Meredith Barnes' blog -

    Best of luck!

    1. Thanks, Matthew. Great advice and information!