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Whether as an author/illustrator at the age of five writing about a dashingly heroic cat and his cat damsel in distress or a good-natured, young raconteur describing the adventurous lives of unsuspecting patrons seated near me in restaurants, I've always made up stories. It only took me forty years to realize it is what I do best. So, welcome to Andoree, the country and creation of my imagination. Sit down and I'll spin you a tale or two.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Moment With Marty

While I'm waiting for another load from my mountainous pile of laundry to dry (seriously...will it ever end?), I thought I'd share with my loyal readership the dream I had last night.

I was in a therapy session (not something I attend normally, but obviously sorely needed in my dream). My kind and very attentive session leader was none other than Martin Scorsese. I hear you thinking, "Why Martin Scorsese?" and the only thing I can tell you is I have no idea.

I'm not sure exactly what we were all visiting about and it wasn't my turn to share, but I did anyway. Well, actually what I did was burst into a sobbing mess of tears who desperately needed a tissue. Gratefully, Marty (that's what I call him because we're close and he's my therapy leader) was a very empathetic fellow. He stopped the poor individual I had interrupted with my outburst and asked me in his well-recognized, Italian, slightly high-pitched voice, "Oh, Laura, dear. Now what's the matter?"

Through my blubbering I could make out myself saying, "I just want to be a writer! I just want to be published!" (My subconscious is really, really revealing.)

Marty reached over, patted me kindly and said, "You will be a writer. Do you have a manuscript?"

"Yes," I said sniveling. "It's already typed in proper manuscript form: double-spaced, 12 font Times New Roman because agents hate Comic Sans. I have the word count and all!"

And then, something amazing happened. Martin Scorsese asked to see my manuscript...

And my alarm went off.



  1. Your comic sans comment made me giggle because apparently it's the red headed stepchild of fonts for many people! ;)

  2. Love that dream!

    For more on Comic Sans, see here and the websites it links to under Further Reading.