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Whether as an author/illustrator at the age of five writing about a dashingly heroic cat and his cat damsel in distress or a good-natured, young raconteur describing the adventurous lives of unsuspecting patrons seated near me in restaurants, I've always made up stories. It only took me forty years to realize it is what I do best. So, welcome to Andoree, the country and creation of my imagination. Sit down and I'll spin you a tale or two.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Like A Strong Heroine

I'm really excited about my main character. Her name is Brigid, but I call her Bree for short. I don't want to tell you too much about her because I'd really like you to get a chance to discover her in my book. What I will tell you is she is the kind of girl I wish I could have been at fifteen. She's the kind of girl I hope my daughter will be someday.

I think girls have come a long way since I was a teen. They are prouder, stronger and far more sure of themselves. Okay, so maybe they have many of the same insecurities I had, but it seems there are more and more people out there who encourage them by saying, "It's okay to be you."

And, way more girls today play electric guitar than when I was a kid. One of my young friends even plays the bass! How sweet is that?

I was totally born in the wrong generation.


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